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With over 40 years of experience working on every type of house painting project imaginable, College Pro is the company you want to choose when you need experienced and professional Winnipeg house painters. We understand the importance of hard work and attention to detail throughout the entire painting process, and make sure that your voice is always heard through every step of the way. With College Pro, you’ll never feel left out, and you’ll never end up with a paint job that you’re not happy with. Simply put, College Pro employs the best Winnipeg house painters and is proud to continue offering the same great quality and dedication to service that has put us on the map.

What Makes Our Winnipeg House Painters Unique

Besides their dedication to hard work, customer service, and respect for customers’ property, our Winnipeg house painters are young people who are paying their way through college. Choosing College Pro to pair you with the right Winnipeg house painters provides real jobs to our community’s college students, helping them to achieve their goals of earning an advanced degree. Beyond just providing local students with jobs, College Pro’s Winnipeg house painters and team leaders receive valuable management and leadership training, giving them a leg up in the job marketplace after graduating. When you can get a great new paint job for your home at an affordable price and help finance higher education at the same time, choosing anyone but College Pro to provide you with Winnipeg house painters just doesn’t make sense.

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Getting your house painted doesn’t have to be the headache it usually is. Give College Pro a call today to schedule a free estimate with our Winnipeg house painters. Our commitment to performing great work and our dedication to customer satisfaction are second to none, so don’t hesitate to make us your first choice in Winnipeg house painters!