What to Expect at College Pro

Apply to become an Entrepreneur

Go into business for yourself, not by yourself

Owning your own business is a big deal, and any entrepreneurial venture comes with investment and risk. We want you to understand exactly what it is you’re starting.

Our What to Expect YouTube playlist will give you a comprehensive look at what to expect during a one year franchise with College Pro, covering topics like risks, parental concern, and overhead costs.


Entrepreneurs invest money to get their business going. If you do not have the capital upfront, College Pro can help to finance your business which you can pay back when your cash flow increases. College Pro will also work with you to problem solve overhead costs, and give you advice on how to spend smart. These overhead costs will differ depending on a number of variables, but include things like marketing materials, ladders, and a production vehicle.

While any vehicle will work during the spring while you market your company and complete estimates, a production vehicle is required during the summer months to transport equipment to job sites. Most of our franchisees look for used vehicles in the $1,000 – $1,500 range. Many new entrepreneurs are able to finance their production vehicle through the customer deposits they obtain in the spring.


As a business owner you do not earn a wage, but instead earn the profits of your business. The rewards can be big, but it doesn’t come easy and there are no guarantees. Your earning potential depends on the effort you put in, such as careful attention to expenses, volume of sales, training your team, quality of work, etc.

Understanding how money flows in your business is important too. College Pro provides financial and budget coaching so you understand how exactly to recover your expenses and achieve your profit goals. Ultimately, you’re making an investment in your business and yourself, and you have the opportunity to make what you put into it.

Benefits of working with an established franchise

Our program offers you the flexibility and independence of a small business with the support of a large organization. In addition to the training, brand presence, and mentoring offered by College Pro, there are a number of benefits to starting a business with us:

  • While most of our entrepreneurs are full-time students, our program is perfect for anyone looking to learn how to own and operate their own business within the commitment of only one year.
  • As a College Pro entrepreneur, you’ll have access to our national discounts on paint and supplies with major paint suppliers.
  • College Pro takes its safety training very seriously. We have liability insurance and full workers’ compensation for the workers on the job site.
  • Our customers know our name and want to support local entrepreneurs who show initiative. Our annual customer satisfaction rating is consistently over 95%.
  • Each customer gets a professionally written proposal and contract that clearly lays out the price and the expectations for the job.
  • College Pro has year round customer service center; if there are any questions, College Pro can be contacted.
  • You can offer your customers a two-year warranty on all house painting services. If there are problems with our service, College Pro will go back and fix the problem (we do not expect the entrepreneurs to be responsible for the job after their time with the company ends, so College Pro takes care of this).

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