College Pro has been providing world-class leadership and management training to entrepreneurs through real-world business experiences since 1971.

Our unique training program, often referred to as a “Business Training Camp” and a “Real World MBA,” is the core of our fundamental belief that entrepreneurs start here. Thousands of entrepreneurs have gone through our program, where we systematically train, mentor and support them to succeed.

Availability and time commitment

Your General Manager, also known as your coach, will train you in all aspects of managing your business over a few weekends in the winter and spring (referred to as “pre-season”). The College Pro pre-season commitment is equivalent to being involved in a school club or sport, or having a part-time job.

Once training is complete, you’ll be prepared to start quoting estimates and scheduling the work you will do full-time in the summer months (referred to as “production season”). But don’t worry, your General Manager will also work with you throughout the summer and will support you every step of the way.

Entrepreneur Curriculum

Your training will occur both in the classroom and out in the field, and utilizes a variety of learning tools, including reading manuals, online tools, group meetings, one-on-one coaching, and weekly phone meetings.

The curriculum is broken into 2 sections:

1.Leadership skills and experience: highly desirable and sought after skills to complement your academic experience.

2.Technical skills and experience: practical, traditional business skills that will differentiate you from your peers.

Classroom and field training

In your first year as an entrepreneur, you’ll attend the core development training stream which begins in the winter months over weekends.

Leadership and skills training is broken down by core topics and alternates between classroom and field training over several months; you’ll first learn about a skill in the classroom, then practice your learning in a hands on environment with your coach, before heading back to the classroom for the next topic a few weeks later. Your GM will observe and provide professional feedback.

Lastly, once you’ve been thoroughly trained in all the core leadership skills that are essential to running your business, we’ll cover the technical skills of painting or window cleaning.

Our curriculum covers topics such as:

  • Time management and scheduling
  • Creating and managing financial budgets
  • Creating and managing marketing, sales, and production plans
  • Fundamentals of running a painting or window cleaning business
  • Purchasing a vehicle and equipment
  • Interviewing and selection of marketing people and crew members
  • Effective management and leadership
  • Accurate estimating and pricing
  • Customer service
  • Safety
  • The basics of painting or window cleaning and how to produce a quality job

View the detailed College Pro training curriculum.

A note on safety
College Pro takes the safety of our entrepreneurs and their crew members very seriously. Our safety program has been designed specifically to meet the safety needs and regulations that are part of our industry, and we reinforce this learning through practical, on-the-job examples. Our entrepreneurs and their crews are trained extensively on the importance of job safety, and must pass a rigorous safety test prior to starting work. More information on our safety program information can be viewed below:

Ongoing weekly mentoring and support

Once training is complete and you move into the production season, you will work closely with your GM, who has successfully run the very same business and been certified as a professional business coach. You and your GM will have weekly meetings focused on accountability and building smart future plans.

Together, you will review the previous week’s results, any factors that drove or restrained success, and chart a new course to solidify tangible business goals for that week.

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