Selecting the right candidate

Each year, College Pro receives over 25,000 applications for approximately 700 entrepreneurial positions in the U.S. and Canada. We only select and train candidates who are interested in making a serious commitment to work hard and run their own successful summer business.

Once shortlisted, we’ll take you through an extensive selection process which includes info sessions, phone calls, interviews and assessments. We want to learn all about you and your plans for the future, and you will get the opportunity to ask us some questions about who we are, too. In fact, we encourage our candidates to get as much information as possible before and during the selection process, either by asking us directly, inquiring with past entrepreneurs, or any other sources.

Selection criteria

In general, our successful entrepreneurs have the following preferences and abilities. These are just some of the qualities that our successful entrepreneurs have. Strength or weakness in one area does not mean that you would not be a successful entrepreneur.

  • Coachable
  • Ambitious
  • Goal oriented
  • Natural leader
  • Ability to take on significant challenges and effectively manage the emotional highs and lows of the challenge
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Comfortable with basic math
  • Comfortable speaking with people
  • Capable of problem solving
  • Tenacious
    • Shares our values of:
    • Deliver what you promise
    • Respect the individual
    • Have pride in what you do
    • Be open minded to possibilities

Think you have what it takes?

Take our 5 minute assessment quiz to see if you would be a good fit.

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