Get a Summer Job

Are you looking for a fun summer job, but don’t want the full responsibility of running your own business? We are always looking for strong people to join the College Pro team as house painters or window cleaning technicians.

Painters and window cleaners are the people who get the work done, and we have built our reputation by hiring selectively and training thoroughly. College Pro entrepreneurs have employed more than 100,000 painters and technicians over the years; some of our best painters and techs have gone on to become job site managers, and our most successful entrepreneurs.

With College Pro you will get to:

  • • spend an active summer outside, working on homes in your community
  • • challenge yourself
  • • develop skills like teamwork, leadership and customer service that can be applied to your future employment endeavors
  • • meet tons of new people
  • • make money to help pay tuition and/or bills

So, ask yourself:

  • Do I want to work outside?
  • Do I want to work with people my age?
  • Am I looking for potential for advancement and promotion?
  • Do I need flexible scheduling options?
  • Do I want complete training?

Applicants must be:

  • Conscientious
  • Reliable
  • Hard working
  • Self-motivating and Results-driven
  • Customer-service oriented
  • Able to work in the country

If this sounds like you, then College Pro might be right for you, and your search for a great summer house painting job or summer window cleaning job ends here! Regardless of where life takes you, you’ll look back with pride at the summer you spent with College Pro.

“College Pro is definitely one of the harder jobs out there but you get to be outside all day, meet tons of interesting people and work for cool franchise owners who are your peers.”

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“If I had not called the job hotline I would probably be desperately trying to get a job somewhere that would have taught me how to make coffee and file. But, instead, this year I am learning how to have fun and get things done at the same time. It was the perfect way to see what I like about business the most.”