South Bend Student Painters

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South Bend is a great city to live, and not just because of Fightin’ Irish football. Here at College Pro South Bend, we bring the culmination of 40 years of innovation in home painting right to your front door. We always give the personalized service that has come to be synonymous with our name. Hiring our student painters does more than just save you money—it helps support students too. College Pro South Bend gives local students valuable jobs that help them finance their higher education and pay their expensive college tuition. With our two-year warranty backing all of our work, you know we are serious about providing excellent service.

The Future of South Bend

Since our student painters come from right here in South Bend and the surrounding communities, they understand what South Bend homeowners want in a painting service. Like all discerning customers, South Bend homeowners want reliability, high quality paint, and affordable prices—all things that College Pro proudly offers. But unlike other professional painting companies, our student painters know how to paint homes in ways that add an extra layer of protection against the elements, which is important when you’re dealing with Indiana winters and the humid summers we experience here in South Bend.

Sponsoring Future South Bend Leaders

As a reputable and respected company with locations across the United States and Canada, College Pro South Bend is a great place to work. We work with our student painters to give them responsibilities that extend beyond painting houses including running marketing initiatives and even coordinating budgets. We call this hands-on experience our “”Real World MBA.” It truly gives our student painters a leg up in the competitive job market after college.

Say goodbye to that old house and say hello to a freshly painted home. Call College Pro South Bend today to schedule a free estimate.