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With a motto like “Working to be your community of choice,” the city of Puyallup actively shows its support for its neighborhoods and residents. You can do your part for the community by hiring Puyallup College Pro for your home painting needs. You can feel good about working with us because we employ local college students to paint homes in the Puyallup area. These are the best and brightest of your community, and these young go-getters are learning important business skills and leadership techniques that will help the economy of Puyallup and your community as a whole. These student painters are learning from real-world experiences and building their resumes while paying for their educations. You can help them by hiring Puyallup College Pro, and you can help your neighborhood by improving the look of your home!

An MBA for the Real-World

College Pro has over four decades of experience working with communities like Puyallup. We have an extensive training program that accommodates our student painters’ busy school schedules and extracurricular activities. We provide them with business and leadership training during the weekends of the fall and winter semester. This training replicates the curriculum used at several top business schools. Our students are gaining knowledge in the classroom, but more importantly, they are gaining real-world experience they can apply after graduation. That’s why we like to think that at Puyallup College Pro, we are giving our student painters a “real-world MBA.”

By hiring Puyallup student painters, you’re helping your community while saving money. We provide an above average service at a below average cost. Our college painters are communicative, responsible, and efficient. Every student painter working on your home was trained on proper techniques and painting processes including surface preparation, priming, painting, clean up, and inspection. We offer a two-year warranty with every painting service and your satisfaction guaranteed. Call Puyallup College Pro for a free estimate!

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