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House painting is a critical part of home maintenance for homeowners in Newport, Oregon. Citizens of peaceful coastal towns like Newport know how much effort it takes to keep a home looking beautiful, especially when you face some of the most tumultuous seasons in the country. Through the breezy autumns, wet winters, and warm, sunny summer days, houses in Newport see beautiful extremes in climate, and those drastic changes in weather can certainly take a toll on a house’s paint job. If you’re a Newport homeowner seeking the best in local maintenance services, consider College Pro Newport for your house painting needs. Utilizing Newport student painters from College Pro means you’re putting hard working locals to work while beautifying your home at the same time.

Newport Student Painters are Standing by!

College Pro Newport provides opportunities for entrepreneurial young college students to gain real-world business experience while simultaneously providing valuable services to the communities in which they live. At College Pro Newport, our house painting services are provided by student painters who live locally, so your business will be stimulating the local economy. College Pro Newport is a local franchise backed by a national name. We provide opportunities for Newport student painters to run their own businesses with the reputation of providing outstanding customer service for over forty years. Our student painters embody our values of hard work, dedication, and integrity, and they pride themselves on a job well done. They know that the job isn’t complete until the customer is satisfied. This service-oriented approach has helped College Pro build a strong and lasting reputation of excellence in communities across the country. College Pro Newport is about connecting people within communities, strengthening the local economy, and giving back to your own neighborhood. If you’re looking for house painting services in Newport, Oregon, turn to the student painters that you can trust to provide top-quality services at very fair prices. Call College Pro today for your house painting estimate.

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