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Kirkland is a unique city in more ways than one. Not only does it have a wonderful downtown waterfront unlike any other in the area, but it also takes great pride in their city planning and neighborhood beautification. At Kirkland College Pro we are working with college students and homeowners of King County to provide a quality painting service at an affordable price. The cost of hiring Kirkland College Pro is lower than any other professional painting company in the area. How do we keep our costs so low? We hire college students from your neck of the woods to run their very own painting crews to improve the look and feel of Kirkland neighborhoods. Our Kirkland student painters are an enthusiastic bunch with the drive to deliver quality customer service and provide excellent results. We are so confident in our Kirkland college painters that we guarantee your satisfaction!

Is Time to Paint Your Home?

Sometimes it’s quite obvious when it’s time to paint your home. The color may be fading under the intense sun, or the paint may be starting to crack and peel due to precipitation and fluctuating temperature. Maybe that odd shade of chartreuse is starting to get under your skin and make you turn away in disgust. Sometimes, however, it may not be as obvious that you need a paint job. We recommend painting your home every eight years to keep it looking its best. You’ll really see the difference once our student painters throw on a few fresh coats.

We are happy to provide free estimates to help you evaluate whether or not your home is due for a fresh coat of paint. Our detailed estimates can be written or emailed to you in a timely manner. We offer competitive pricing and quality work. We even provide a two-year warranty on all the work our student painters provide. Give Kirkland College Pro a call today or visit us online!

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