House Painting

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Is it time for you to consider house painting on your home? How can you tell? Is house painting a home improvement project you should tackle sooner rather than later? Some people need a little help determining when it is time to complete maintenance projects on your home. Some things are obvious: if a pipe bursts, you better fix it. If the roof is leaking, you better fix it. If a window breaks… you get the point. Determining when to complete other home improvement projects, like house painting, is not as obvious.

A good rule of thumb with house painting is to treat it proactively vs. reactively. In the case of a leaking roof, the best solution would have been to get a new roof well before the old one every started leaking. At College Pro Painters, we treat house painting recommendations the same way; it is best to paint your home proactively, before it really looks like it needs it. You can learn specifics about our exterior painting and interior painting by clicking the buttons below.

From our perspective, here are 4 things you can look for to help determine whether it is time to tackle a house painting project on your home:

  • Is the color fading? paint 190x190

    Is the color fading?

  • Has it been 8-10 years? clock 190x190

    Has it been 8-10 years?

  • Do you see peeling paint? paint peal 190x190

    Do you see peeling paint?

  • Are you sick of the color?

We hope the tips above help you determine when it is best to tackle your house painting project. If you would like a quote on exterior painting or staining, or interior painting or staining, or would like us to come out and determine if it is best for you to have the work completed this summer or next summer, please click here and submit an estimate request form. You can also learn more about our exterior painting services and interior painting services by clicking here: