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Here in Glencoe, we know the value of honest, hard work. When you hire a painting service to work on your home, you deserve only the best — and that’s exactly what we provide here at College Pro Glencoe! Our student painters are hardworking, dedicated, and professional. If you’ve kept putting off getting your house painted, we’d love to make it easy for you. Read on to learn more about how hiring Glencoe student painters from College Pro is a smart decision for your wallet and home!

Getting the Job Done Well

As Glencoe residents ourselves, we want only the best for our friends and neighbors. Our student painters are very experienced with all shapes and sizes of Glencoe homes: from the rustic older farmhouses to the newer developments in modern architecture. Whether you have a small project in mind or need the entire exterior of your home painted, our student painters will get the job done to your liking!

Building a Stronger Minnesota

As with all of our Minnesota franchises, College Pro Glencoe is owned and operated by real local Minnesotans. We value our community, and our business model is built on giving back to the area. Hiring student painters from Glencoe is a way for you to support higher education and make attaining a college degree possible for many of Glencoe’s hardest working students! With the cost of tuition rising higher each year, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for many students to pay their way through college. College Pro Glencoe provides flexible jobs that give our student painters hands-on experience within our business operations, making it easier to afford college and graduate with valuable experience under their belts!

Let’s Get Started

Our student painters can’t wait to paint your Glencoe home. Give us a call today to schedule a free estimate and get started on improving your house appearance!

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