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There’s no better way to measure homeowner satisfaction than the smile your house brings you. Here at College Pro, we’re in the business of connecting hardworking student painters with Franklin homeowners who are looking to get a paint job that will satisfy them for years. If this sounds like you, read on to learn more about our innovative business and how our student painters can give your home a makeover!

You Dream It, We Paint It

When you relinquish the actual task of painting to our student painters, you’re left with only having to do the fun part: dream up how you want your home painted! Whether you want to touch up your existing color scheme or go in a bold new direction with completely updated colors, our Franklin student painters can make it happen! We love working with creative Franklin homeowners to help them achieve a home they really love — all through the art of painting.

College Pro has been setting itself apart from competitors for years. College Pro adopted a unique business model from the get go, and over the past 40 years we’ve spread our system across franchises in Canada and the United States. Hiring student painters from the Franklin area not only allows us to offer our painting services at affordable prices, but it also serves a unique need in communities near universities. Many students need part time jobs to help them pay for their education, but finding a job that is flexible, fair paying, and gives valuable experience is almost impossible. Our student painters get all three done with College Pro and we pass the savings on to you! Getting started is easy, too! Our goal is always to give your home the best paint job it has ever had — so don’t put it off another day! Pick up your phone and call us today to schedule a free estimate with our Franklin student painters.

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