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Trust, professionalism, and craftsmanship — just a few of the qualities you should be looking for when searching for Detroit house painters. At College Pro, we’ve built a business around connecting homeowners with Detroit house painters who represent these qualities and seek to exceed expectations for every home they paint. There is another way we exceed expectations as well — besides being responsible for many beautifully painted homes and satisfied homeowners in Detroit, we train local college students how to run successful and responsible companies through our innovative management and leadership training programs. This means that when you choose College Pro to find the right Detroit house painters for your home, you’re also helping local students to finance their studies and work towards making Detroit a vibrant cultural and economic leader once again.

Doing Our Part To Make Detroit’s Future Brighter

With many businesses having disappeared from Detroit in recent years, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing jobs to college students who have shown a belief in Detroit’s potential and the power of higher education. Our student Detroit house painters gain valuable skills from working at College Pro beyond how to paint a house. From marketing and advertising to accounting and customer service, our student Detroit house painters and team leaders gain professional experience that is hard to find in our city. Whether you have an active interest in helping to make the community stronger or are just looking for Detroit house painters that will do a good job, you accomplish painting or window washing services when you choose College Pro to schedule your Detroit house painters.

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Getting started is easy. Call to schedule a free estimate, and we’ll send a representative to meet with you at your home and go over exactly what you want to have painted. From painting your entire house to changing the color of your bedroom walls, we have experienced and professional Detroit house painters who will leave you feeling happy that you chose College Pro.

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