Detroit Exterior House Painting

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Nothing makes coming home better than seeing a bright, clean, freshly painted house as you pull up into the driveway. With College Pro handling the exterior house painting, Detroit residents can live this dream without ever picking up a paint brush! College Pro partners with hardworking students to offer real jobs that help students finance their studies while also giving them valuable management and leadership training. It’s truly the best of painting or window washing services worlds, and we’re proud that we can offer a great service that has a positive impact on the Detroit community at large. Every action has the potential to help others, and at College Pro that concept is the centerpiece of our business.

The Beauty Behind Our Model

Choosing College Pro to take care of your Detroit exterior house painting project directly aids us in our quest to educate and train the next generation of Detroit business and social leaders. We employ student entrepreneurs to lead our painting teams, supplied with our training for how to provide the absolute best customer service throughout the entire Detroit exterior house painting process. We believe in the importance of providing our student team members with the best possible leadership training so that they can offer their skills to the Detroit community in whatever career they end up in. At College Pro, Detroit exterior house painting is about more than painting — it’s about the future.

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If you’re ready to contribute to the revitalization of Detroit as a cultural and economic capital (and get your house painted at the same time), call College Pro today. We’ll send one of our team leaders to meet with you at your house and perform a free estimate, and you’ll soon be on your way to enjoying a fresh new house!

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