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If you’re planning on painting the exterior of your house but are dreading doing it yourself, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. Here at College Pro, we value our customers above all else and pride ourselves on offering the best exterior house painting Columbus residents can trust to make their homes the best looking ones on the street. In addition to our pride and expertise in Columbus exterior house painting, our innovative company is built around providing valuable jobs for local college students and engaging them in real-world business experience. With College Pro, Columbus exterior house painting actually helps finance higher education and provide in-depth management and leadership training for the next generation of Columbus community leaders.

Beautifying Columbus, One Home At A Time

After 40 years of providing homeowners with high quality, affordable exterior house painting services, we can say without a shred of doubt that we are perfectly qualified to take care of your Columbus exterior house painting project. Whether you’re looking to make your home look new again or completely change the color scheme and go for a whole new look, our painters can help you accomplish your Columbus exterior house painting goals without you ever having to lift a finger!

Partnering in the Future of Our Community

At College Pro, our core values of respect and service have us always thinking outside the box. While there isn’t a whole lot to innovate when it comes to Columbus exterior house painting, we’ve built our business model around employing eager college students as painters and as team leaders. In addition to the jobs we bring into the Columbus community, we provide our student team leaders with valuable management and entrepreneurial training, which we’ve found sorely lacking in most companies.

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