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Chicago is home to dozens of top-notch universities full of bright entrepreneurs looking for real world applications for the skills they are developing in their classes and internships. At Chicago College Pro we offer these entrepreneurs, or anyone else looking for a great opportunity with a chance to gain management and leadership skills to help them become successful entrepreneurs in the future. Through our training, we give these house painters a chance to interact with homeowners to develop their customer service skills while working with franchise owners for our nationally backed Chicago College Pro local company. By providing them with this unique experience, we also give them an opportunity to save money for their education and future business endeavors.

Forty Years of Experience

Chicago College Pro has been in the home painting business for over forty years. The Chicago community knows who we are because we have been recommended by word-of-mouth for over four decades! We stay relevant to our community and know where the needs are. We train our house painters to handle any environmental wear and tear that may have happened to your house that can be fixed using quality paint and materials. We take pride in what we do and respect our customers so that they will keep returning to us for all of their home painting needs. Chicago is full of business opportunities, but sometimes it’s difficult for entrepreneurs to get their foot in the door. Chicago College Pro provides the opportunities they need to build their resumes and life experiences. By working with customers just like you, they are able to learn from the interactions to improve their skills over time. Give Chicago College Pro a call today and let us set you up with house painters from your community!

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