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Ladders are no laughing matter. Each year, many people attempting to paint their own homes injure themselves by falling off of unstable ladders, making house painting very dangerous for non-professionals. Instead of risking injury, let College Pro’s professional Calgary house painters do the job for you! painting homes is what College Pro does best, and our teams of Calgary house painters are experienced, courteous, and take pride in doing great work. Our competitive rates allow us to price our services well within your budget, so that you can enjoy the benefits of hiring professional Calgary house painters without breaking the bank. Don’t contribute to the injury statistics — let our Calgary house painters do the job for you!

Doing the Job Right, Every Time

Hiring our Calgary house painters does more than just prevent you from injuring yourself while trying to paint your own home. Our Calgary house painters have painted many homes throughout Calgary and Alberta, some of them probably in your very own neighborhood. painting a home takes a skillful hand and attention to detail, and we make sure we train our Calgary house painters well and equip them with the tools and knowledge needed to get the job done right. Where other painting services leave spots unfinished or unsatisfactory, our Calgary house painters get the job done right.

Community First

As a local Calgary franchise, we’re proud of the fact that each time you hire our Calgary house painters, you’re helping to create jobs in our community. We extensively employ local college students painting or window washing services as painters and as team leaders with our company, helping hardworking students to finance their higher education. With tuition rising across Canada, our Calgary house painters are grateful to have an honest job that helps to offset school costs and make a higher degree attainable.

Partner in the Community with College Pro

Don’t spend another day living in a home with faded paint. Call College Pro today to schedule a free estimate with our Calgary house painters!

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