Bloomington Student Painters and Window Washing Services

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Bloomington is a beautiful place to live. It’s also home to over 42,000 students at Indiana University, which means that there is no shortage of student painters that can give your home an amazing new look. Whether you’re in the market to hire student painters or need our stellar window washing services, College Pro Bloomington will blow you away with amazing work at affordable prices.

Trust the Name

After more than four decades in the painting and window washing businesses, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to provide great service. It all comes down to our student painters and making sure that they’re poised for success in all that they do. We give each of our student painters some of the most advanced and hands-on businesses experience available to Bloomington students. We train them on all aspects of our business including marketing, customer acquisition, and accounting. Our student painters get real world experience running many of the most important aspects of our business. This kind of “”real world MBA”” is sorely lacking in most jobs available to full time students, and we’re proud of the differences we make in the lives of our student painters and window washers.

House painting is a time-consuming task, but our teams of Bloomington student painters can make your house look amazing in no time at all. Working together in organized and well-trained teams allows our College Pro student painters to get the job done without causing any long-term inconvenience for the homeowner.

When the wind picks up, even the cleanest of windows can’t hide from the dust. College Pro Bloomington now offers stellar window washing services that will truly complete an already beautiful home! Bundle this with our house painting services to save even more time and money. Give us a call today to schedule a free estimate with our student painters and window washers!