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Finding the right student painters to give your home the makeover it needs can be difficult, but College Pro Aurora can take the guesswork out for you. At College Pro, we rigorously vet all of our student painters prior to hiring them, ensuring that only the most eager and responsible students from Denver area colleges work on your home. No project is too big or too small for us, so call us today to enjoy a beautifully painted home tomorrow. Read on to learn more about why hiring student painters from College Pro Aurora is one of the smartest investments you can make for your home.

Saving You Money

For over four decades, College Pro has saved homeowners money by offering affordable rates on all house painting services. Hiring Aurora student painters doesn’t mean there’s any sacrifice in the quality of our work, so choosing College Pro Aurora over more expensive competitors just makes sense. We guarantee all our work, and our student painters are trained in the most advanced and thorough painting techniques.

College Pro was started by university students over 40 years ago as a way to create jobs for students that were flexible around their school schedules yet paid fair and competitive wages. The same mission holds true today, and hiring Aurora student painters is a great way to foster higher education in your community and support local students on their journey to attain advanced degrees. Only with College Pro can you get the satisfaction of knowing that your beautifully painted home actually contributed to helping your local college students finance their higher education! So let’s get started today. There’s never been a better day to get started with our Aurora student painters than today. Give College Pro Aurora a call to schedule a free house painting estimate today!

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