Our Promise

  • together, realizing potentials

We know that College Pro is the smart choice because College Pro offers an encouraging workplace for entrepreneurs, and provides quality services and experiences for our homeowners. We invest in and believe in the potential of our entrepreneurs, so that they are empowered to run their own businesses in local communities and to become tomorrow’s leaders.

For our entrepreneurs, we know that being a College Pro entrepreneur offers a unique opportunity, in a very compressed way to learn the skills that will enable self-reliance…skills that will enable them to stand out in the eyes of their future employers. Our College Pro entrepreneurs are leaders and responsible business owners.

They are in charge of their own house painting or window cleaning business. They market their services to homeowners and manage multiple house painting or window cleaning teams who are responsible for delivering quality work on schedule and within budget.

Each year, from the more than 25,000 who apply, we select over 700 driven, enthusiastic entrepreneurs from across the US and Canada. These entrepreneurs employ another 7,000 additional house painters and window cleaners. All represent the College Pro brand, so we are particular about who enters the system, and very supportive of those we choose, coaching, training and mentoring them every step of the way as they run their businesses.


For our homeowners, we know that you have a choice when it comes to your partner for your exterior house painting and window cleaning services.

Affordability and quality come standard with College Pro’s house painting and window cleaning services.

You can trust us to deliver low costs, well-trained professionals and results that will make you proud. In fact, we do not collect final payment on any house painting or window cleaning until you are completely satisfied.

We offer free estimates, provide a 2-year warranty on all of our exterior house painting projects, are fully insured, and our energetic, dedicated, skilled house painters and window cleaners will work hard to deliver the service and value that you deserve. We are also a proud member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and we follow all local and national safety and waste disposal regulations.

You can trust College Pro, and our many years of experience, to treat your home as the prized possession it is. We have the experience and a proven track record to handle any job, large or small.