Simone Ashkar

Vice President | US Midwest Painting

Simone Ashkar simone1

She dreamed of becoming the red power ranger as a kid, but her path took her elsewhere.

Simone began her career as a franchisee in 2011 while attending DePaul University in Chicago, IL (Go Blue Demons!) pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Simone was a franchise owner in Deerfield, IL for two years, in which she was awarded Manager of the Year.

Simone became a general manager in 2012 where she coached franchise owners and oversaw operations in three states. This earned her a promotion to Business Manager and eventually to Vice President (the first female in the US)! She’s focused on helping to grow the Midwest division by giving talented student entrepreneurs the ultimate chance and running a business.

In her spare time you can find her on the kickball field, watching Netflix or hanging with her friends.