Deb Wall

Marketing Manager | North America

Deb Wall deb wall

Deb began her career with College Pro as a painter in Watertown, MA back in 1994. She took some time off to travel to Costa Rica over that winter, but returned to College Pro as a customer service rep. She then took a year off to travel around the world – making waves in the South Pacific, Southeast Asia and Europe, only to come back and start a full-time role with College Pro as the US Franchise Accounts Manager. She went on to become the Director of Operations for the US Call Centre. She moved to Chicago and started a new role as a Project Coordinator, planning conferences, special events, and managing various projects.

In 2007, Deb started her current role of Marketing Manager for North America, where she oversees College Pro’s marketing strategies and initiatives. Deb holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Vermont, is a certified Net Promoter Associate and has certificates in digital graphic design, web design, and building effective marketing plans. Personally, Deb loves to travel and to be physically active, and, when she is not working, you can find her having an adventure somewhere with her son and bernese mountain dog.