Information for Parents

quotes  Information for Parents quotesWe want to make sure that, as a parent, you understand what is involved if your son or daughter joins College Pro. College Pro General Managers will often have lengthy and direct discussions with parents to ensure their son or daughter can handle the responsibilities of the job. We encourage an open dialogue at all times and are always available to answer any questions or discuss any concerns.

Whether you choose to be active or remain more in the background, you are part of the team. We’ve learned that as parents become involved, the experience for our entrepreneurs becomes even more useful, valuable, and successful.

Your son or daughter will face many challenges in life, and right now that includes one of the toughest job markets in decades. What can they do to maximize their experience, education, and skills to ensure their best possible future? While classroom education is definitely important, employers also seek specific skills that allow even new employees to contribute from day one. When our entrepreneurs complete our program, we guarantee they will be better at:

• Teamwork
• Problem solving
• Communication
• Leadership
• Analytical ability

Employers also want to hire people who have a strong work ethic, take initiative, and have demonstrated their ability to adapt to changing situations. College Pro offers the opportunity to learn and hone these attributes. Like you, we want to help them succeed by providing a competitive advantage in today’s job market. We train our entrepreneurs to use their College Pro experience to:

• Grow their network of potential opportunities
• Make their resume highly attractive to employers
• Get their interviews of choice and perform well in them

To learn even more about how College Pro’s training can benefit your son or daughter, please click to our parent site,, or simply click on the image below.

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