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What if my son or daughter does not like it, then what?

If your son/daughter is selected to be an entrepreneur, and if they decide to accept the responsibility, this program is something they will need to be committed to doing part time in the spring and full time in the summer. 

College Pro will take your son or daughter through a very detailed interview process before ever offering them a position with our company.   We encourage our candidates to get as much information from us, from previous entrepreneurs, and any other sources they feel that they need, in order to ensure that this is a good fit for them.

We have found that students are very informed of their duties within the position prior to ever having it offered to them.  It is rare that someone signs on for this program and then decides they don’t like it.  However – if this were to happen, they can quit, but not without costs.  That is why our "full transparency" philosophy exists and why we let your son/daughter know it will be hard work and that this program is not for everyone.  We only want to work with people who are prepared to work hard, who are prepared to take on leadership responsibility, and who are prepared to make a commitment.


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