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What about safety?

College Pro takes the safety of our franchisees and painters very seriously.

All the franchisees review safety in the classroom and conduct safety practices in the field. Each franchise manager is given a safety binder that reviews the safety procedures on a job site. In addition to the safety binder, franchisees are trained in the field on ladder safety, safety using hazardous materials (hazardous materials include the use of paints), personal protective equipment, lead paint safety, and safety around power lines.

We also have videos for the franchisees and painter to review. We also monitor and check on safety when our General Managers are out visiting our franchisees’ jobsites in the summer. 


In addition, all franchisees are taught to allow time in their estimates for the painters to do a safety review every morning on all job sites. Our franchisees and painters also take a safety test before being allowed to paint in the field.

We stick to exterior residential work that is no higher than 35 feet; we don’t let our franchisees set up scaffolding, and we require our painters that are working on roofs that are above 6 feet to wear a safety harness.

You can read more about our safety policies and procedures in our safety section on this website.


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