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Why would a homeowner buy a paint job or window cleaning job from my son or daughter?

The exterior residential house painting and window cleaning market is a multi-billion dollar a year industry in North America.  College Pro has been operating in the residential house painting and window cleaning marketplace in Canada and the United States since 1971 and we have clearly established that consumers will accept students painting and cleaning windows.

Some of the features that College Pro customers typically care about:

  • Our customers want to support local students who show initiative.
  • We have liability insurance and full workers’ compensation for the workers on the job site.
  • There is a year round customer service center – if there are any questions, College Pro can be contacted.
  • We back up all of our entrepreneur’s work with a 2 year warranty on house painting.  If there are problems with either service, College Pro will go back and fix the problem (we do not expect the entrepreneurs to be responsible for the job after their time with the company ends – College Pro takes care of this).
  • We have national accounts with three major paint suppliers – Sherwin Williams, Dulux, and General Paints, which allows us to get national discounts on paint and supplies.
  • Our annual customer satisfaction rating is consistently over 95%.
  • Each customer gets a professionally written proposal and contract that clearly lays out the price and the expectations for the job.
  • College Pro takes its training and safety very seriously.




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