One Moment Please…

Proud Parents


To Whom It May Concern:

Our son Matt came home for a visit from college when he was a sophomore at UNC and informed us that he was going to pursue an opportunity with a franchise company known as College Pro Painters. Our first reaction was doubt and concern that he might be getting into something over his head. However, he was so excited and determined that he wanted to give this a try. Matt has always been a very independent, responsible individual. He held various jobs throughout his adolescence starting at age 13 and also excelled academically at school. He continued to work while earning his business management degree from UNC. We decided this really needed to be his decision and who were we to squash his enthusiasm and ambitions, so we gave him our full support.

I will say that initially this undertaking was not easy, but what do any of us really learn when everything is easy? There is no better teacher in life than real experience. College can give our kids theory and conception about business, but anyone who has had success in life, knows it takes much more than that. There are a lot of college graduates unemployed and disillusioned these days, the people who get hired are people who have experience actually doing something!



We feel College Pro has given Matt that portion of his education in Business Management and people relations that no university can teach. Was there risk? Yes! Was it hard? Yes! Was it worth it? Yes!!! Matt is well on his way to becoming a successful business man. Your son or daughter can too.

We all need mentors in our lives, our young adults especially need good role models, how many businesses do you know are willing to take someone with no experience and help them become business owners and entrepreneurs? College Pro offers those individuals who want more in life and aren’t afraid to go after it an opportunity to do so.