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Student Painters Internship, College Painters Jobs - College Pro There are three employment opportunities available with College Pro: Franchise Manager positions, and painting and window cleaning positions  for summer employment with a local franchise.

Franchise Manager

As a College Pro Franchise Manager you’re in charge of your own painting or window cleaning business. You market your services to homeowners and manage multiple painting or window cleaning teams who are responsible for delivering quality work on schedule and within budget. You’re responsible for the profitability of your own business.

Yes, that’s a lot. As a College Pro Manager, you will need to work long and hard to make your business successful. And we are in this with you every step of the way. Our exceptional leadership and management training program provides the tools you need to succeed. Read more about what some of our College Pro alumni have to say about their experiences.

College Pro will train you during the spring on all of the aspects necessary to run a summer house painting or window cleaning business, including teaching you about the painting or window cleaning industry, marketing and sales, estimating, effective management skills, customer service and financial management. We teach, support and coach you both in the classroom and out in the field, while allowing you to gain hands-on experience that will ensure that you will stand out to any future employer.

Each summer we select more than 700 driven, enthusiastic young entrepreneurs from across North America to be Franchise Managers from more than 25,000 who apply. These students employ another 7,000 additional workers. All of them represent the College Pro brand, so we are particular about who enters the system – and supportive of those we choose. 

Graduating soon or just graduated? Learn about how College Pro student painters internship might still be a great fit for you!

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Painter/Window Techs

"College Pro is definitely one of the harder jobs out there but you get to be outside all day, meet tons of interesting people and work for cool managers who are your peers." Painting and window cleaning are fun summer job that pay, while you get to work outside with other student employees. Your search for a great summer college painters job ends here!

Painters and window cleaners are the people who get the work done, and we have built our reputation by hiring selectively and training thoroughly. Applicants must be conscientious, reliable and hardworking. Regardless of where life takes you, you’ll look back with pride at the summer you spent with College Pro. In our more than forty years of business, our student Franchise Managers have employed more than 100,000 college and university students. Find out what painters say about how a summer job with College Pro can help you to meet tons of new people, make money to help pay your tuition, and learn new skills that can be applied to your future employment endeavors.

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