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Student Painting – College Pro

You may be a student or a recent graduate and are probably wondering about a lot as you consider working with College Pro.  How will you do this while in school?  You’ve never run a business before, how will you learn?  What are the risks?  What are the time requirements?  What does a College Pro Entrepreneur actually do? 

Since 1971, College Pro has been in the business of providing exceptional leadership and management training to entrepreneurs through real-world business experiences.  We understand that, if you are a student, your first responsibility is school, and College Pro’s training program has been designed for students while they are in school. The College Pro spring time commitment is equivalent to being involved in a Division 1 or varsity sports team, being an active member of student politics or having a significant part-time job. We really look for people who can handle the responsibility, and of the more than 25,000 students who apply, we select over 700 as entrepreneurs.



College Pro Training

As a franchisee, you are the boss, and are running your own small business.  Sound intimidating?  We will train you in all aspects of small business management over a few weekends during the winter and spring.  You will work with a General Manager who will coach and mentor you every step of the way though one-on-one weekly coaching calls, and classroom and in-field training sessions.

The training covers specific topics like:

* Time management and scheduling
* Creating and managing financial budgets
* Creating and managing marketing, sales and production plans
* Fundamentals of running a painting business
* Learning the basics of painting and how to produce a quality job
* Estimating and pricing accurately
* Safety
* Purchasing a vehicle and equipment
* Interviewing and selection of marketing people and painters
* Leading painters
* Customer service


What about the money I could make?

The money you can make with College Pro depends entirely on how much effort you put into your business.  The rewards can be big, but it doesn’t come easily, and there are no guarantees.  Like any entrepreneurial venture, running your own College Pro business comes with successes and failures.  If you are looking for a regular old desk job, this might not be right for you.  If you know you can work hard, put in the effort, and be accountable to your commitments, College Pro may be right for you.  You can count on our training program and ongoing support to help you through the successes and hard times.  We will coach and mentor you every step of the way, and this is what sets us apart from other summer positions.


What to expect

A sample timeline, with different time requirements per season, is included below.  You can also read about what some of our alumni have experienced by clicking here:  Alumni



Interview Process

-Attend Info. Session
-2-3 Interviews, plus, in some cases, a parent call
-You contact previous entrepreneurs to get their perspective
-If chosen, select your area 


-Planning/Orientation Day (1 day)
-Training Session
(Full Weekend)

***Time Requirements of the Entrepreneur Role***
(does not include training sessions)




Weekend Work

-Generate Leads (Marketing)
-Do estimates
-Recruit, Interview, and hire house painters or window cleaners
-Book jobs for the summer



-Buddy Estimates and Interview coaching with General Manager
-Training Session (Full Weekend)
-Manager Learning Groups (3 hours)

-15-20 hours a week, part-time
-Most work done on weekend days during daylight hours





Full-Time Position

-Train crews
-Manage the day to day operations of the business
-Oversee production of jobs
-Manage the finances of the business (accounting)
-Continue marketing and doing estimates
-Work with customers to provide satisfaction
-Closedown business at the end of summer



-Further Training on Business Fundamentals (could be a Full weekend)
-painter or window cleaner training
-Field visits with General Manager
-Ongoing financial review

- Full-time, 50 hours per week depending on the size business you are running


Think you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur with College Pro? 

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