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How to use video for your busi…

December 21, 2010

Since its invention, film has been used  as an effective way to reach and influence the masses as a form of advertising; the most common of these being television commercials.  With time it has naturally evolved and adapted to function in the digital age we currently live in. Read More

What is entrepreneurship to yo…

December 20, 2010

Entrepreneurship to me is freedom. Read More

College Pro’s top links of t…

December 17, 2010

According to a Facebook social graph, the world is lit up with Facebook relationships.  See for yourself how Facebook makes the world a much smaller place… Read More

Startup financing - A tricky s…

December 16, 2010

What Business School forgets to teach us – Financing I just graduated business school at the Monfort College of Business in Northern Colorado and to graduate I had to write a thesis paper on why Entrepreneurship fails in the market. The top three reasons I found for failure in Entrepreneurs was: Read More

2014 College Pro Season Underway

Posted On January 17, 2014

As the new year began, so did our team of 2014 College Pro Entrepreneurs.  

We came together for our annual Leadership Conference to work on core skills, share best practices and spend time with our peers.

Our CEO, Tony Valle, framed the event with two key pieces: (1) Brand Experience and (2) Promises.

"We are only as good as a Brand as the sum of our promises kept" he said, and went on to challenge the group to really deliver on the promises they make in their communities around North America.

Apart from our general sessions, each entrepreneur engaged in 3 advanced skill sessions to help grow on the success of their 2013 business to achieved their 2014 objectives.

Sessions Included:
—Business Planning
—Maximizing Performance & Productivity
—Leading Performance
—Marketing 2.0
—Financial Management
—Recruiting & Leading Employees
—Advanced Selling

Our 2014 Theme: Enterpreneurs Start Here

So, who makes up College Pro you ask?  This zany group of focused, innovative and hard working people.  Entrepreneurship isn't for everyone, but for those who take it on and really make a run of it, it can be life changing.

We're excited for the business season ahead.

If you've got somebody in your network that has the entrepreneurial spirit, connect them with us using the following link:

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