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Entrepreneurs versus Inventors

December 09, 2010

While distinctly different in nature, entrepreneurs and inventors are invariably dependent upon one other. There cannot be one without the other. Read More

Tips for Motivating Staff

December 07, 2010

Your business might not have the funds yet to pull off what Google does for its employees and provide sports facilities and housing for everyone, but knowing how to motivate staff is essential to running any business effectively, no matter the size (or budget). Read More

Starting a business during a r…

December 02, 2010

It is no secret the U.S. economy is still not the most stable.  With foreclosures, job loss, and an increase in crime, the U.S. is still feeling the effects of the 2009/2010 recession.  Read More

What’s the deal with foursqu…

November 30, 2010

Foursquare is a mobile app with the purpose of letting your friends know where you are and who you’re with while encouraging you to explore your city through a points based game.  The system utilizes “check-in” locations where you are awarded points and badges for venturing into new places or frequenting your favorite spots. Read More

Franchisee makes a difference in Seattle

Posted On July 18, 2014

When Magnolia homeowner Clay Newlin, decided to create a clean and modern look for his recently purchased home, he turned to College Pro Painters, and Franchise Owner Trey Cranney, for his exterior house painting.

Clay liked that College Pro Painters is a business managed and crewed by mostly college students. Trey Cranney, a junior in the business school at Gonzaga University, painted with College Pro Painters last summer.  After undergoing a through and rigorous selection process, Trey was chosen to lead the Queen Anne and Magnolia area College Pro Painters’ franchise. Trey is learning hands-on the ins and outs and ups and downs of running a small business.

"It's rewarding to take what I am learning in my business classes and apply that to helping homeowners receive a high quality paint job and experience. I love the customer relations part of my work," said Trey.

College Pro Painters provides intensive training for its franchise owners, and, as a 41 year old program developing entrepreneurs, invests and stands behind delivering a guaranteed top quality product.

Trey Cranny with customerTrey & Clay complete the final inspection

Homeowner Clay Newlin enthused, "I am really happy with the job College Pro Painters did.  Working with Trey was really enjoyable. He takes great pride in his work and it shows”.

Great work Trey!


Original article in Queen Ann & Magnolia News

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