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Matt Wheeler


I came back to run a business for the second year because I wanted to improve on what I had done the first year. My first year I was flying by the seat of my pants and just reacting to things that came up, because I had never run my own business before I didn’t know what to expect. With the experience of a season under my belt I wanted to put everything I had learned to use and run a bigger cleaner business. I was also determined to add some layers into my business as well I wanted to put some middle management people in my business. I had experience leading people directly from the previous year and wanted to be able to lead others to lead. I wanted to be a leader among leaders. All and all I came back to continue the learning and development, I gained more experience in one year running the business then I did going to college for four years.

I can’t even begin to describe all the experience that I gained out of this. Whether it’s the time management skills, increased confidence, how stacked my resume looks now, the profit I made, or the full time job I was able to obtain because of this internship. Not only did this help me in my immediate future it will help me for years and years to come. I have now built an amazing base for my professional career that I can build on. I feel I have a head start on all of my peers. Thousands and thousands of kids graduate school every year and many of them do internships, but having done a few different internships myself, I can honestly say nothing stacks up to College Pro.

I will use this experience in both my personal and professional life. As far as exactly how I will use this experience in my future I am unsure at this point. I have learned so much and developed in every aspect of business, I could use what I have learned, for just about anything I want to do later in life. Whether it is climb the corporate ladder or starting my own business. I have the confidence to do anything, coupled with the ability and training. The sky is the limit.